Passionate about vintage bikes, I spend a lot of time restoring them. With a particuliar taste for 80s time period. Sometimes I buy a complete bike sometimes I just start with a frame and I meticulously search for all the parts. I share on this page some of my nicest bikes.

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Mercier Course


Tubing: Super Vitus 971
Groupset: Shimano 600 Arabesque
Wheels: Mavic MA40 on Maillard Normandy high flange hubs
Freewheel: n/a
Tyres: Panaracer Pasela 25c
Saddle: San Marco Mercier Course branded
Seatpost: Mercier branded 26.4mm
Headset: Shimano 600 style branded Dura-Ace
Stem: Belleri with Made in France sticker
Handlebar: Kiprim
Bartape: Tressorex cotton
Bottom bracket: Shimano 600
Pedals: Kyokuto Pro Vic II with Christophe toe clips and straps
Chain: KMC


Brand: Mercier
Full bike weight: 10.5kg
Frame weight: 2510g (frame 1840g, fork 670g)
Size: n/a
Markings: 00123S??? head tube frame sticker
Year: 1979-81 (estimated)
Notes: Full bike was acquired on Facebook market, frame has been resprayed, original was a metallic grey with slight green taint. 

Coming soon.

Viscount Aerospace 600 Ex_0000_IMG_9270Viscount Aerospace 600 Ex_0000_IMG_9270

Viscount Aerospace 600ex 


Brand: Viscount
Full bike weight: 9.6kg
Frame weight: 2650g (frame 2120g, fork 530g)
Size: 56.5cm
Markings: EX111 on the left rear dropout
Year: 1981 (estimated)
Notes: Frame was acquired on eBay, the parts comes from a bit of everywhere.

A nice frame I bought off ebay as an impulse buy, as the frame looked beautiful and quite uncommon. It was easier than usual to find the parts as the frame have a sticker suggesting the Shimano 600EX groupset on the top tube. The bike uses Viscount proprietary tubing which is suprisingly unbutted. Catalogue says that the frame was handmade with 0.8mm chrome molybdenum tubes. I came accross the bike document after I built the full bike and most of my component choices matches the specs of the bike. A very nice bike, also quite light as it's just under 10kg at 9.6kg. If you're curious about the build or seeking for more informations check out the bike post at retrobike.


Tubing: Viscount Chrome Molybdenum
Groupset: Shimano 600 Arabesque
Wheels: Mavic GP4 on Shimano 600 hubs
Cassette: Shimano 600 11-21
Tubular tyres: Vittoria Rally 25C
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Seatpost: Kalloy 26.6mm
Headset: Shimano 600 Arabesque
Stem: Sakae
Handlebar: Unknown (Raleigh ?)
Bartape: Tressorex cotton
Brake lever hoods: Cane Creek
Bottom bracket: Shimano ?
Pedals: Lyotard with Christophe toe clips and straps
Chain: KMC

Raleigh Team Panasonic _0012_IMG_8268Raleigh Team Panasonic _0012_IMG_8268

Raleigh Team Panasonic


Brand: Raleigh
Full bike weight: 10.5kg
Frame weight: 2880g (frame 2040g, fork 840g)
Size: 57cm
Markings: 76808 frame, 00133450 frame sticker, 17103 fork
Year: 1985 (estimated)
Notes: Frame was acquired on Facebook market, the parts comes from a bit of everywhere.

A mystery frame that could be a Raleigh Corsa or Cadet. Might be a custom built or a respray (which I doubt). I was able to contact the owner of the shop that sold the bike throught the shop sticker that was still on the bike, to quote what he said:

"As you suggest that is a Raleigh Team Panasonic 501 they were around mid to late 80's as them and the Team Panasonic Burner were used for their Centenary Calendar in 1987 (still hanging in my office). The model was very similar to the Record Sprint which was a massive seller and most service parts we would still carry in stock. Gear levers changed during production run as did the frame its self if memory serves rightly. Sorry we have no records as to this individual bike."

If you're really curious or fancy more informations there is a full thread I opened on retrobike. I fell in love with this Raleigh paintjob when I first moved to London. When I saw the frame on facebook market I jumped on the occasion and impulsely bought it. No regrets. It was a great and fun build, costed me quite a lot in the end but the bike rides very smoothly and I enjoy using it a lot. 


Tubing: Reynolds 501
Groupset: Shimano Golden Arrow
Shifters: Simplex SLJ
Wheels: Mavic MA2 on Mavic 500 hubs
Cassette: Shimano 11-28
Tyres: Hutchinson Speed'N'Stop 28C (now replaced by Continental Ultra Sport 25C)
Saddle: San Marco Rolls (now replaced by a Turbo)
Seatpost: SR Laprade
Headset: 1" 27.0 / 30.0mm JIS 36mm
Stem: Raleigh
Handlebar: Sakae
Bartape: Tressorex cotton
Brake lever hoods: Dia Compe
Bottom bracket: Shimano BB-UN5
Pedals: Made in England (now replaced by Kyokuto Top Run) with Christophe toe clips and straps
Chain: KMC