a trip to iceland

A video of my trip to Iceland, a five days trip in the south of the island. From green landscape to lunar soil, from black sand seaside to pure white glacier, from giant waterfall to peaceful lake, explore the strange contrast of this beautiful country. As a big fan of downtempo and ambient music, this was the perfect opportunity to link those images with a favourite music track. So here you go, make sure you plug your headphones in !


Shot mainly with an iPhone 6, some shots are from an iPhone 7 Plus and a Nikon D7200 (for the timelapse).

Video credits: Pierre-Félix So & Jack Frost
Music credit: Plaid - White's Dream
Video editing: Pierre-Félix So

slovenia hike

A video about a hiking trip in Slovenia in 2018. We hiked in the Kamnik Alps with my friend Clément, going through the beautiful Velika Planina area. We were completely alone on the top and didn't see anyone, a very pleasant feeling. You can also see shots of the famous lake Bled and also lake Bohinj.

Shot with an iPhone 6.

Video credits: Pierre-Félix So
Music credit: The Flashbulb - Undiscovered Colours
Video editing: Pierre-Félix So