VF Axtell House_0002_VF_Axtell_Soho_3@Landers_PhotosVF Axtell House_0002_VF_Axtell_Soho_3@Landers_Photos

axtell house

design of the new VF digital showroom interior, furniture and experience, made at the design laboratory, London, United Kingdom, 2019

The brief was to design an experiential brand showcase in the newly VF aquired building, Axtell House. This impressive building have been fully restored by the Darling Associates. With large glass windows and an elegant metallic structure inspired by an art deco pattern, the building resonate in the Soho area.

Axtell House is designed to bring VF brands to life and create an immersive cross-platform experience that marks a new era in design and digital evolution. The six floors building with a 16,000 square feet surface area is housing the VF iconic brands such as Timberland, The North Face, Vans and Kipling.

As part of the Design Laboratory I was one of the two main designer in charge of the project. Our scope of work included the design of the floors layout and overall experience as well as the funitures. 


We had to work on a very tight schedule for this project and had to find the most efficient way to deliver a project that was global for VF then individual for each of the brands. We built each floor into a full 3D scene that allowed us to be flexible with the different propositions. Each brand had its own presentation with every aspect of the project covered: Floor plan, user flow, brand experience, furniture layout and SKUs counts.

Bespoke furniture & structures

As part of the brief, we designed an easy modular and cohesive range of furniture that are used across the full building. The furniture were made in partnership with ALU. We also designed the hero walls of each brands, these impressive walls are taking cues from each brand history and DNA.