Entrez en Matière exhibition design, project realized by the students of the LAAB in association with the students of the master MAGEMI, Rennes, France, 2014

The whole work is a group realization, nine designers to take up the challenge. First of all the definition of the stage setting in the space and the creation of a standardized  furniture to unify the variety of objects exposed. Thirty five furniture were made, composed of standardized pine bracket legs  and a tray or a box made of poplar plywood. The furniture welcome scientific objects, geologic curiosities and other images. Simple and effective, every piece of furniture was thought according to its contents. From the plans to the measurement, from the cutting to the conception, from the assembly to the delivery, the project is a total realization.

Team, from left to right : Baptiste Nemard, Maxime Cavallié, Chloé Echasseriau, Morgan Even, Pierre-Félix So, Fanny Boulesteix, Nicolas Granger, Chloé Renaux & Elodie Stéphant.

We want to thank the professors of the LAAB, Émilie Lemaître, Maximilien Boerg, Lilian Froger and Émeline Belliot, the staff of the LAAB for their help and their support as well as the students of the Master's degree MAGEMI of the university Rennes 2 - Villejean to have given us the opportunity to realize a complete scenography.

See the exhibition booklet