bubble notification, Push Revolution ! serie, a collection of three objects that revisit our relationships with notifications, 2015

Ego affect the social network notifications. I chose to associate soap bubbles to notifications, which enhance their ephemeral nature while successfully materializing them for a short moment. Indeed that is their virtual and immaterial nature which prevent us to really be aware of their presence and importance. That project is a straight criticism to the notification presence and questions the relevance of their impact.

The object sends a bubble to each notification received. Whether you are addicted to social networks or inactive and reluctant, the amount of bubbles takes a surprising turn according to different behaviors. Made in corian, this object is intriguing, massive and monolithic, in opposition to bubbles. In the center, a large knob refers to a come-back to the world of mechanics, at the opposite of a screen. It allows to choose which social network to follow.