sensitive objects

master dissertation, made at the LAAB Rennes, supervised by Émilie Lemaître and Émilie Piton-Foucault, 2015

This dissertation explores how the designer can propose an other perception of objects that have been modified by digital technologies and the emergence of data. It questions the object which is now digital, connected and smart.

It discusses the different values ​​of the object, both historical - symbolic, sign, function - and new - emotion and interactivity, then the birth of connected objects, these hybrid objects increased by their connectivity to the Internet. It analyzes the origins of the digital, the invasion of technology and its influence on our behaviors, as well as the changes in our perceptive systems in front of the digital immateriality and invisibility. It questions the space allotted to data in our lives and how we understand their omnipresence. Finally, it reports the place of senses in everyday perception and how these senses are found within the objects. The purpose is to invest senses and data into a communicating and informative object.

Full version available in french here.